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 What Build do we run on Worms?

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PostSubject: What Build do we run on Worms?   Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:06 pm

Hey guys, what build are we gonna run on Worms Isle? Ofc 3x Melee is quite strong there but the Ele+Nec-Build also works great .
The problem i see is, that our opponents probably run a hard splittbuild or hard 8 vs 8 build, so that we probably won´t have a chance with the Ele+Nec-Build. On the other hand we can´t run 3x melee on every map and on worms we could surprise our opponents with "new" builds like vs [HSR] on burning with the Dual-Nec-Build. <.<

All the hard Splittbuilds like 2x Ele+Nec have one weakpoint: No shutdown. If we´re sure that our opponents will try to splitt us, we should try to use this for our adventage. I´m not sure if 3x melee is the best choice here, because They´ll probably have a Nec+Snare+Linebackwarr+many healers in mainteam and we have to send stuff back for their splitt.

So we need a Char that profits from missing shutdown. There would be a Mesmer, ofc, but if we can´t end the match before 28 mins, a Mesmer is just shit, because he won´t deal any lorddamage.

Here my (strange) idea:
Probably shit, but we could give it a try:

With Assassin+Nec we can counter every splitt. in the mainteam the Barbs-Nec+HB-Warr(+Ranger) can do spikes, which should kill single monks for 100% and dual Monks with some luck (PoD vs Protts= nice).
With HB+Barbs we also have great chances in a lorddamagerace! Assassin+Hb will just beat the shit out of the lorddamagemeter Smile The Nec can stay in your own base to kill their Splitt together with the Knights etc. One single Healer shouldn´t be able to hold it.

For the Barbs+Nec we could also run a dommes, like i have one on #8, but you really have to kill stuff in the mainteam otherwise you loose for sure vs splitts. Additionally in 8 vs 8 you wouldn´t have any chance to win vs like 3x Melee with the Mes.

What do u think?
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What Build do we run on Worms?
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