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 How to play the Push build on Frozen.

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PostSubject: How to play the Push build on Frozen.   Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:40 am

Ok, so this is how we are going to play the Push build on Frozen in the mAT:

Everyone goes to stand except fire ele who will push out of the back gates, and the sin who will move towards locks. The rit will run the first flag and cap immediately. As soon as the other team overcaps, our sin and ranger will begin to push on their next runner, quite hard. Our warrior will run the 2nd flag, our necro and prot will protect our side of the map with the assistance of our rit, while our heal monk will support what is pushing our runner. The fire ele (who will be me) will decide whatever the least retarded thing for him to do is and then do that. If we are ever in the situation where we take the slightest pressure our warrior should run the flag so we can continue to push on their runner the whole game.

This is to prevent confusion as to what everyones job is, so I hope everyone does what they are supposed to.
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How to play the Push build on Frozen.
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