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PostSubject: Prizes   Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:46 am

These are the prizes we are planning to hand out to the participants. Every team completing the tournament will receive a consolation prize (150 Zkeys per team). Please note that it might take a couple days until we can hand over the prizes since it hasn't been clear if the tourney will take place until recently.

1. 500 ZKeys (125 pP)
2. 400 ZKeys (100 pP)
3. 300 ZKeys (75 pP)
4. 200 ZKeys (50 pP)
5.-8.: 150 ZKeys (37,5 pP)

Sponsored by:

Sapper V (750)
Dani (750)
Slasktratt Lisa (250)
Mishi (250)

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