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 Finally my pvp experience

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PostSubject: Finally my pvp experience   Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:56 am

Ok, so this BWE I have finally pvp'ed enough to make some statements about it.
First of all, I really enjoyed playing it, but there are still quite some things that bother me slightly.

I played mainly mesmer and engineer(also ranger but failed horribly) and they both felt equally strong and able to kill anything 1v1. Personally I've found other mesmers are the hardest enemies. Both classes dominated any melee players and the ranged players are so squishy they weren't much problem. Except the Necro was annoying with the death shroud ability.

But now some negative feedback on the general pvp mechanics.

The downed system. Ugh, this really has to be changed. Most of the time when you down an opponent then you can't even finish him, because you have so low hp yourself. And you end up being downed next to him, turning the game into a stupid rock throwing battle. This is because finishing a downed player takes way too long. It takes 3 seconds to finish someone WHO IS ON THE GROUND and should be unable to defend himself. A simple stab should suffice.
The time on this should be changed to at least 2 seconds, if it's shorter then it might be too fast to interrupt and enemy finishing off your teammate. Right now it just takes a far too long time to finish someone.

Also the capping mechanic. If there is 1 enemy player on a shrine and your team is with 4 players, then you cannot cap it. WTF. This should be like in gw1 that you are still capping the shrine only slower. Same goes for downed foes that are on a shrine, you still cannot cap it. This is just minor, but it's still annoying.

Anyway that's a litle bit my experience. Also a lot of the opponents are so bad that it's almost sad. A lot of people(especially warriors) don't bring stun breakers/condition removal and they just get owned by my mesmer/engineer that have lots of control abilities. I think that warriors could have great potential, because when they do catch you, then instantly 50% of your hp is gone with 1 attack. But this shouldn't really happen ever, since that's where your stun breaker is for.
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Finally my pvp experience
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