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 mAT 29.01.11

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PostSubject: mAT 29.01.11   Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:20 pm

It was mAT-day and we went into the battle with the following Heros:

Best Infuse Ingame with a broken PC => Laggs/Screenfreezes/GraphicBugs etc.

1. Match vs Team Special Obs [TsO], top 400:
Druids Isle
3x Melee vs QuadNec

They ran QuadNec, but since we´re just awesome, we killed them after like 8 mins and could lord.



2. Match vs top 400 Randoms



3. What Are You Talking About [wtf], top 20:
Ele+Nec vs 3x Melee

Surprise surprise, [wtf] running 3x Melee, oh wait, they always do.
I don´t know why we ran Nec+Ele on Frozen, but it worked out quite well somehow: We could boost after some mins and everyting was fine. Maybe we even killed the one or other person, i can´t really remember.
We couldn´t kill anything in main and they couldn´t kill anything after the boost and since i had Shieldbash+Balance Stance, i bashed out all their KDs, so they left me alone quite soon and i could heal all the shit.
Breaker (Sin) started splitting because nobody was reaching anything in main and instantly got both of our knights, since nobody was really reacticing, even we saw their sin splitting :X
This fact told me "Okay, we´ll loose over lorddamage anyways if we don´t do anything in main", so i told my muppets to PUSH and they PUSHED, too bad it was always only ONE GUY who was pushing: Erzi OR the sin.
Because of our super shitty positioning it was quite hard to be "everywhere" so Erzi dies some times and went emo. He flamed around a lá "boblablup i don´t understand what´s going on but i better flame my monks that they tell me die even it was them who told me to push"- his deaths weren´t really the monks´fault nor his fault- it was more the fact that we should have pushed with the whole mainteam, because if any monk would have pushed for him, the mainteam would have died.
So we took one death after the other, failed at forcing a boost, had bad ideas, let their sin kill our guard and just completly failed.
After this match Erzi was superemo and Robert even wanted to bench him and i think he wasn´t the only one with this intention...
We runined the Match by doing stupid stuff and gave wtf the win for free, like a top 300 guild.


4. Match vs Little Champions All Grow Up [vR]
3x Xelee vs 3x Ele

The [vR]-Reform played a quite beatable build, since their eles are fastfood for our 3 melees. Too bad we´re superretarded any just did shit- or better: we didn´t even do "shit", we did just nothing. No Pressure, no "Spikes", no splittactions, no tactic, no pushing, nothing.
But even when we´re reaching nothing, we´re still able to talk on vent 24/7. (I was superquite in all the matches btw.!)
Additionally to the "WTF are we doing? WFT are all this ppl saying on vent?!"-thoughts, we let some ppl die, which didn´t really change anything, since we were doing nothing anyways.
We planned a defeat on worms anyways, since we´re just unable, so the loss was no real surprise.


5. Match vs Die Kaputte Truppe [DKT]
3x Melee Mirror

We though they were running Invoke-Spike since they played it the rounds before, so we took Dual Aegis+SB on our monks+ Complicate on Dani.
They ran 3x Melee, so out "buildwars" wasn´t successfull at all.
This match was horrible. Horrible for me, since my PC was driving crazy. Somehow nothing died.
Luckily we owned them quite good, even 60ed their Prott after some mins and could lord after 13 mins.


We had a quite good Tiebreaker, one of the best of the 3/2 guilds, so Silver was really doable if we won the last match. There were some good guilds with 3/1, but even more shitguilds with the same stats aswell.

As lucky as we are, we got...

...Failure Is Not An Option [sup] >.<:
3x Melee Mirror:
We had the better start and pressured them much harder in the first 3,4 mins. Then they pushed us out of the water. Even i told my ppl to go back into the fucking water, nobody followed my call.
That´s the reason, why we lost most of our pressure and they could pressure us even harder. Even our Bars looked quite nice, our monks energy got burned like hell.
After some mins our Sin died (more or less) overextended and we could kill their runner (?) some mins later.
But this didn´t really matter, since they pressured us harder and had flaggadvantage.
As if it had not been enough, pro Bloom ran his flaggs in without any Weapons up, which finally fucked up all our energy. Even i told them more than 1 time that we have to push into the water, or we won´t hold it for ages, nobody felt like pushing 3 meters.
Blooms secound run without weapon up was too much: they pushed on him hard and paintrained him so that we had to waste the rest of our energy to finally let him die.
That was the signal to fallback. Usually "fall back" means that you give your opponents ground and leave them. Obviously we´re no good runners and it took ages to fall back into our base, and brought us some more kills Neutral
Even in our base ppl didn´t get that WE WERE LOW ON ENERGY!, so instead of turtleling into our NPCs, they prefered fighting out of out Lordroom.

Short Version:
We couldn´t hold it, we died, they lorded, BOOM, Bronze, fail


Even or maybe because we played miserable, nobody exspect Erzi was mad at all after this mAT. Again we were a lill unlucky with our opponents, but we don´t really deserve silver after this mAT Neutral
As long as it´s just brainless 8 vs 8- fighting, everything is fine but whenever the opponents start dpoing ANYTHING else than 8 vs 8, we´re just acting like a top 300 guild: We´re doing nothing, play super passive, let the others direct the matches etc.
That´s the reason why so many "worse" guilds have better stats than us- but maybe this makes them "better"...invalid argument for me.
We should just own everybody and win everything, how hard can it be?! :S
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PostSubject: Re: mAT 29.01.11   Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:16 am

Well, ye.. since i drank 2 coffes and a redbull before and during the mat, i couldnt rly sleep afterwards, and the more i thought about the mat, the more i got mad tbh.

The match vs [wtf]...
We were doing so good at the beginning, seriously. We REALLY PUSHED THEM, and we had a huge positioning-advantage.
That's quite nice, since wtf is known to be one of the hardest pushers.
So until minute 10 or sth, we were dominating them. But then.. idk what happend? I dont know what happy was doing, i dont know why neither sin nor warrior pushed together with erzi, and well.. ye Neutral.
[wtf] kept dual running flags all the fucking time, until they had flag-advantage although we had pushed them back so it was even harder for them to stick a flag - wtf..
When they finally had this flagadvantage, they started to push on our side too, mainly a warrior (asdu) and their nec.
Cause of that, our mainteam was kinda streched. erzi was pushing on them, while i had to go back to encounter their pushs. They obviously reacted better, since they could hold it on both sides, while we died on both sides.
Erzian died out of range, their war+nec pushed on bloom and me. Dont rly know why, but controll came back to help bloom, but that was kinda fail, since our infuse cant hold it vs war,sin, ranger.
So.. the problem was: since only erzian pushed, they didnt have to send any heal back, flaggy was enough. I guess robert or happy (where the hell were u?) should've pushed together with him, so they would have to send back a monk, which would've forced their dmg to follow their heal, since they would get killed otherwise..
Anyways, really good beginning, but then inappropriate acting by us.

Also, one thing: Erzian, noone fucking raged at all during the mat. Still u went so fucking emo after that match, only because you died while pushing - SO WHAT ?!?! I mean.. Cripshot + Grasping is just the fucking best ranger bar in that build / on that map. Pushing is how to win, u cant always win by playing magebane in honorful 8v8 fights...
The deaths werent rly ur fault, and noone blamed u or sth.. so seriously, for the future just stop getting emo, wow..
Ur not the only one that cant play what he wants to, still we're not crying about how bad the bar we have to play is ...

The match vs [vR]...
I dont rly get what we were doing at all o_O. I guess our fault was, that we tried to collapse them and always reacted offensively to their splits. This might would've worked, but not the way we did it. I mean, they were at the health shrine and about to split into our base. Then Jakal, the sin, and me already collasped them - maybe that was too early? If we waited until they're in our base, they wouldnt've been able to just fall out again and we could'Ve killed them.
But sitll.. i think we should've just sent back heal, when they were pushing, and keep our dmg-dealers in main. Im quite sure we could've stomped them in main, even on american servers.
After a while i even solo'd a footie since noone was rly doing anything.
Maybe we shoudl've tried to kick the 2nd footie more often, and then push them. But well.. i also dont really get, why our monks went energylow that quickly? I mean, im not blaming u or sth, i think controll is one of the best prots, and janosch is a good heal monk too imo (yes, im serious). But what exactly burned all our energy? (Just asking to find out how to solve that prob for the next fights).
Actually vR didnt win by splitting, they won by killing us in main, their split didnt do anything, did it? It just forced us acting dumb and fucking up our positioning.. which we shouldnt have allowed them.
But well.. i didnt rly expect a win vs a (more or less) good guild on wurms, so i wasnt pissed (much) after that loss.

The match vs [sup]...
Oh well. They just pushed us out of the water, and our main is simply unable to push them back - why couldnt we act like we did on frozen? Im quite sure that would have made us win..
Anyway, since they pushed us out of the water right at the beginning, they could easily stick their own seed, and by doing so it's getting rly hard to effectively push on their rit - and even if, we have to push him by going backwards -> fail.
I mean.. the first few minutes were ok. We tried to kill them in 8v8 and we had some nice spikes on their prot - vs. less good monks that "tactic" might win, since we will just wipe them once we killed their prot a few times (-> dkt got owned like that). But well, sup has better monks, so they didnt die.
Btw Bloom - how can you not have energy while running in a flag? You even have an elite that gives u endless energy Very Happy
Pushing in a flag without a weap on urself just burns away all the fucking energy of the monks, this was the beginning of our wipe.

Fun fact: i even made a blockway for druids, incase we have 3/2 and face good opponents. I was actually only concerned about the enemy's sin, that can port into our base and might get some lorddmg. But i even made builds on how to prevent that sin from doing so.
And: sup didnt even ahve a sin, that would've been free win ;D
But well, 1. i simply forgot to mention that build and 2. i guess some ppl wouldnt run such a build anyways.

3/3, gg. Lets do it better next month Wink
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PostSubject: Re: mAT 29.01.11   Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:54 pm

muh wrote:
The match vs [wtf]...
[...] fucking [...] wtf.. [...] fail [...] fucking raged [...] fucking emo [...] fucking [...]

3/3, gg. Lets do it better next month Wink

sounds like a truly enjoyable match Very Happy

so since you pooped you can go back to the main guild right? :p

jan your new computer isnt working or what are these freezes/graphicbugs about?

btw im supposed to get internet access on the 3rd of feb im so excited What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: mAT 29.01.11   Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:07 am

vs [vR]:
I think it was partly my/the monks fail that we died to them. On the one side some bad spikes were successfull because i wasn´t really paying attention to all the movement and on the other side Infuse was too slow on reaction on american servers. Additionally our whole movements were super shitty/useless. Like: Controll pushed to our "splitt", they died before he was there. When he arrived theire, they already ran in the other direction to collapse on me. This were unimportant part why we lost tbh.

The real reason (imo) was: Ee were doing nothing, even ppl were talking 24/7. I tried to get any tacic-stuff but it was just chaotic, no real tactic etc.
And idk why you exspected a loss vs [vR], they´re usually not "that great" tbh.

All in all i was exspecting "nothing" and i couldn´t really exspect anything at all, since i was just "out" for most of the time. (Btw. i have some great screenshots from graphic bugs!).

Btw.: Sry for yesterday, my PC isn´t working at all and my new PC just don´t wanna arrive here. I´m writing on a laptop atm :X

Dunno when i´ll be back.
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PostSubject: Re: mAT 29.01.11   

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mAT 29.01.11
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