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 [QQ] Eir Healing Goddess

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PostSubject: [QQ] Eir Healing Goddess   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:49 am

-Taken from QQ-Forum, guy pm'd me-

well since my last guild just had an epic ending 8 win streak then 2 losses ppl started flaming and it turned into an disband.

i have played in these guilds:

Gaurdians of abbadon[GoA](peaked about 200)
Legion of sacred light[LSL](peaked about 250)
Phantom commando[PC](peaked about 350)
minotaurs on steriods[Aatx](peaked 300 then formed dF)
Deadly Fraternity[dF](peaked 400 cause disband after 10 matches and being guildles in an gvg match short after)

first 3 guilds ended into inactive so we tried again and again but everytime turned inactive again before we could get higher.

im an euro so im looking for an euro gvg guild wich plays in the weekends alot and in midweek about 9 gmt +1.

If titles matter:
Hero R8
Glad R3

Gompy luvs pve
lum lum lum
krystal akid ezi
healer viplorian
shwanzoritaa baby
hole goes iway
bat idea
ra the last ranger
yomo kenyata

IGN:Eir healing goddess

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[QQ] Eir Healing Goddess
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