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 c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering

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mind aka alex

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PostSubject: c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering   Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:47 pm

Heyho Guys...
im bored and we should be more active and discuss about our Fails in GvG and try to play some more AT´s with Full Lineup...bad Guests make me Rage Very Happy

Ok, our Beast Rockers for this Day:

Glitterfairy Robert
Penetrator Mishi
The Idiot Honk lol!
Care Bear Newty
Mighty Mighty Saints
Gay Bl 1 Alex
Gay Bl 2 Math
And idk... 1 leecher from Boo, i think it was Baz?

Psy logged in later Smile

Ok...let the show begin:

Match 1 At Round 1 - Frozen Isle - The Almond Brothers [bros]

Random Guys #r300 we played Dual Ele Spike and the Game was over in 3 Minutes...

+2 Rating

Ok after this fast Game we Entering Ladder and we faced:

Match 2 - Burning Isle - Pixel Squad [PiX]
Ok we bet we playing against botters.

But they benched this Dark and Emre Guy... they shouldnt have do this... cause they wiped in 40 Seconds and just died... we lorded in 5 Minutes...

Ok we stopped Laddering and went afk and waited for Round 2 in the Daily Tournament.

+5 Rating

Match 3 At Round 2 - Jade Isle - From Myspace To Yourplace [Gank]

We played our Dualele Spike with 2 Hammerwarrs... since there Monks got no Stances for our awsm Hammerwarrs.

Mishi hits like nearly every Bullstrike in this ^F U ^CK ING Game! king They killed 1 Time our Glitterfairy in Mainteam,...since they got to much annoyed by the Attacks from Robert...but we rly played nice and won a nice Positiong. Then the Game turns in a new area... in Minute 10... they try to Splitt with 2 Eles and run Dualflaggs with 1 Derv and their Rit... i went back to our Porter to save our Base against bad Splitters from Gank. They died sometimes in Mainteam with like 1-3 Kills in 6 Minutes. They collapsed to Main and try to Spike from the Coralls our Infuse... then the Shit begins.... 2 Eles splittet in our Base and i just saw 1...they killed our First Archer in our Lordpit...nearly at the same Time we totally stomped their Mainteam whiped there Monks after Minute 18. And we said, we could lord this game...ok go for it...our warrs said we not gonna do it - they tried to kill their Knights, but we should just attack there Guildlord, it would be death for sure. ---- We need to block with our Rit and Spirits and maybe both Monks there Rezzshrine next time --- So ye...they rezzed - we didnt lord but did many Lorddmg so its all fine. They splittet run a flag out our Rit get stucked by 2 Footies!!!! lol! lol! lol! So i go back to our base to defend it against 1 Fireele and they didnt killed anything more in our Base. In this time our Mainteam fullwhiped... Saints getting rly mad on me: BUT I DONT CARE, OUR LORDPIT IS STILL ALIVE!!!!

We baserezzed and splittet with 2 Warrs and 1 Airele + Rit into their Base for Lorddmg-Race.
They got 1 Fire 1 Air 1 Derv 1 Dommes 1 Fuse in Our Base to deal lorddmg... we spammed Stoneshit on our Lord and killed happy 2times by Lorddmg Race... Saints perfect controlled their Fireele....and we all thought that we gonna win that Game, cause theyre lordroom was clear, no bodyguard and they defend with prot and rit and spammed all Shit on their Lord....theyre Lord was like 30% Life all the time... Idk what happened but the counter says: 28:00 and we all died... what a joke....

-6 Rating / Ultra Madness Saints and Alex .... / losing this game was just annoying...we could have lord it earlier Sad Shit happens.

Match 4 At Round 3 - Imperial Isle - Bären Brüder Orden [BBO]
We cant swich Builds... some People went afk a bit and getting Very Happy

And we just but Randomguys on GH in...and farmed them in 4minutes...

+4 Rating

Match 5 At Round 4 - Meditation Isle - Pixel Squad [PiX]

Nothing to say... they died as fast as last game... and their Prot was there from ye....

+8 Rating...

Ty for the At Guys....

I MISS DANI Shocked Rolling Eyes Embarassed

+13 Rating... Good At... Smile lol!
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Subjugating Gladiator

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PostSubject: Re: c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering   Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:19 am

yeaaah, matchreports! schon ewig keinen mehr gelesen.

habs in der forenstruktur bisschen nach oben verschoben damit man den thread auch sehen kann
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You Frenzy I Heal

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PostSubject: Re: c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering   Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:38 am

This actually makes me want to play GW1 again Razz

I haven't even played GW2 in about 2 weeks anyway. But I'm just too busy to really start playing.
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Conquering Gladiator

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PostSubject: Re: c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering   Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:43 am

I dont even know any of those guilds except for GanK, but i doubt its the GanK i know (?). ;D

Quote :
Gay Bl 1 Alex
Gay Bl 2 Math

Quote :
I love you
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PostSubject: Re: c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering   

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c-AT 29.11.2012 + Laddering
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