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 Group A Schedule

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PostSubject: Group A Schedule   Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:55 am


Guild hall: Superbad Team - Group Coordinator: Honor Police (Dani)

1) Virtual Donkeys (Slasktratt Lisa, Karla Grey, Squall Redblood, I Mishra I)
2) Beer and more [Beer] (Attack is a God, Chelsea Dawn, Sydney Rupts You, Saint Khane Kong)
3) Team Yuli (The Mad Sword Beast, hvh i miss you [Austrian Honor il], Call Me Bonsai, Yulivee ill)
4) Newty's Team (Newty Darkstride, Honk Likes Men, Holographic Red, godlyy dan [Bu Can Sana])

ALL TIMES IN GMT/UTC (für die deutsche Uhrzeit jeweils 1 Stunde hinzurechnen)

4.00pm: Introduction

ROUND 1 (4.10pm):

Virtual Donkeys vs. Beer and more [Beer] -> Result: 2 : 0
Team Yuli vs. Newty's Team -> Result: 0: 2

ROUND 2 (4:50pm):

Virtual Donkeys vs. Team Yuli -> Result: 1 : 0 (1 Draw)
Beer and more [Beer] vs. Newty's Team -> Result: 0 : 2

ROUND 3 (5.30pm):

Newty's Team vs. Virtual Donkeys -> Result: 0 : 2
Team Yuli vs. Beer and more [Beer] -> Result: 1 : 1

Teams in red will enter the guild hall first each round. Teams in yellow will enter the guild hall first aswell, but after the previous 2 teams are gone.


Team ---------------------- Matches - Wins/Pts - Losses/Draws

Virtual Donkeys---------------6----------5------------1------
Beer and more [Beer]--------6----------1------------5------
Team Yuli----------------------6----------1------------5------
Newty's Team-----------------6----------4------------2------

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PostSubject: Re: Group A Schedule   Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:51 am

Group Phase #1 is over!

Grats to the advancing teams:
1. Virtual Donkeys
2. Newty's Team
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Group A Schedule
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