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PostSubject: General info   Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:13 am

The tournament will take place on Saturday, the 10 November at 4pm GMT/UTC (GER: 17.00). Please check in order to avoid any confusion about Daylight Saving Time etc.

All matches start at 4.10pm GMT (introduction at 4.00pm GMT). All teams must be ready before the introduction time. In order to simplify the communication between teams and group coordinators and general match organisation, teams are required to use Teamspeak 3 (server-IP TBA). Each team will be given a private channel for use during the tournament. Teams are required to log onto Teamspeak at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the tournament. If your team doesn't show up on time, you may get disqualified (and might be replaced by a backup team).

Your team will be put into a group with 3 other teams and the whole group will receive guest invites to the same guildhall. The tournament will be divided into two group stages, in which the best two teams of each group will advance to the next stage.
Every team will play two matches against every other team in their group (with small breaks in between to adjust or change team builds). The winning team receives 1 point. If a match ends in a draw, both teams are rewarded 0 points.


4.00pm GMT/UTC (Germany: 17.00 Uhr): Short introduction by Group Coordinators in the group's guild hall. Afterwards, all teams participating in the tournament leave the guild hall.

4.10pm: Team 1 enters the guild hall, moves all the way to the enemy lord room and opens a scrimmage fight (Übungskampf). As soon as the scrimmage fight is opened, the Group Coordinator (GC) invites Team 2 to enter the guild hall and start the tournament match by accepting the scrimmage request. This way teams will not be able to determine their opponent's team composition before to the beginning of the match.
As soon as the first scrimmage begins, the GC invites Team 3 to enter the guild hall and the whole process of team separation is repeated. All matches must be on-going by 4.15pm.
A match ends when the timer reaches minute 9.00. All matches must therefore be finished by 4.25pm. Participants are requested to leave the guild hall afterwards.

The second match against the same team takes place shortly after. Team 1 enters the guild hall at 4.30pm and the entire process mentioned above is repeated. All those matches need to be on-going by 4.35pm and finished by 4.45pm. There is a small 5 minute break time before round 2 starts (time for the group coordinators to post the results). At 4.50pm, Team 1 needs to enter the guild hall again. All round 2 matches have to be on-going by 4.55pm.

Note that times may be changed by the Group Coordinators. If everything runs smoothly (if everyone has read the rules) we will be able to finish much earlier and therefore have less waiting time.


4.00pm: Introduction
4.10pm – 4.45pm: Round 1
4.50pm – 5.25pm: Round 2
5.30pm – 6.05pm: Round 3

Group Stage 1 is followed by a small break. If two teams have the same amount of points and are both ranked second at the end of Group Stage 1, they will play a 4-minute First-Kill-Wins match. If neither team scores a kill after 4 minutes the referees will declare a winner based on the health chart (based on average health, not peak damage) - therefore you need to upload a screenshot of the health chart!

The first 2 teams of Group A and B advance to group stage 2. There all teams will play 3 matches against each other and the team with the most wins in group stage 2 wins the tournament.

ALL TIMES ARE LISTED IN GMT/UTC! (Für die deutsche Uhrzeit jeweils 1 Stunde hinzurechnen)
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General info
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