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 BWE#3 Tournaments?

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You Frenzy I Heal

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PostSubject: BWE#3 Tournaments?   Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:59 pm

I was wondering if people are interested in playing some tournaments during the next beta? I know that Mishi and Dani will probably play some GW2?
My younger brother is also interested in the pvp aspect of the game. He originally bought my GW1 account, so he does have some experience, but not much with pvp clown. So maybe he could play with us if he wants to and if there is room(only 5 man teams).

I'm not sure which characters I want to play, but I know I will love ranger so I probably won't play that this weekend. Most likely I will play Engineer, Warrior(hammer) or mesmer(sword+pistol / Scepter+torch).

Engineer will be focused around flamethrower and pistol+shield or dual pistol. I really like most things about the engineer, but I hate the turrets. And flamethrower skills are really cool. I will post a build later.
For the Warrior I love the hammer skills, combined with some more support oriented skills. The second weapon set will most likely get Mace+Shield.
The mesmer will be some sort of interrupter(4 daze/stun interrupts in my build) with some raw power of the sword+pistol bursts. But I will try this later as I feel it will be harder to play and I first want to get to know the pvp arena's.
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Subjugating Gladiator

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PostSubject: Re: BWE#3 Tournaments?   Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:21 am

You Frenzy I Heal wrote:
I know that Mishi and Dani will probably play some GW2?

i wont play that weekend since i got an important exam on the following monday
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BWE#3 Tournaments?
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