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 07.01.11 C-AT

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PostSubject: 07.01.11 C-AT   Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:58 pm


Kasperov [HSR] // Melos [buho]

1. Match vs an asian guild, top 400
Nec+Feuerele-Midline vs Bspike

Someone PMed me right before the Match and told me that they´re running Bspike. We weren´t sure, if that was the truth, so we just ran a flexible build with Fireele and Necro to have a chance vs any other build.
As exspected, they ran Bspike. Erzi rupted Stabward+Meleeward, so we could wipe them quite easy.


1/0 Stats

2. Match vs Too Complicated [hmmm], r34
Warriors Isle
3x Melee vs Quad-Necro-Hexway

We weren´t sure what they were about to play vs us, so we just ran our standard-3x-Melee with CE on our Nec. They were running a heavy hexbuild with 4 Necros and a Mesmer- a build we lost to in 3/4 mins played by [Cake].
Both teams had a good start and the Bars on both sides went down, without dropping to 0 HP. After some minutes, our Infuse told us that he probably DCed. Since [hmmm] are nice people, they waited for him to reconnect.
Since we really wanted to win this match, we played pussystyle and ran every flagg on our warrior. We knew we would win over 28 Minutes since they don´t have any direct damage.
From time to time we could pressure them so hard (and even killed 1,2 ppl), that they had to fallback to their footies, but our pussytactics didn´t allow us to follow them to finish anyone.
The match was quite boring, since everytime they went full offensive, we pressured them so hard that they had to fall back. Whenever they turtled in their footies, we went back to our footies "to play save". From timt to time, they sent one of their Necs in splitt, but when we sent Dani back, he always left our Base again.
In the middle of the match, Alex got soloed by the Mesmer, i still dunno what he exactly did ^_^
but they gave us a free boost some minutes later, by capping to late. Their Nec wanted to cap the flagg @ 0:03 to loose their flaggdisadventage, but he got KDed and blocked, so we could boost.
At Minute 18-20 they decided to go full offensive and lured our Footies, which they could kill quite fast. From this moment on, they really "pushed" us and their Mesmer was able to camp Alex´Spirits.
By reaching the 25:30-Timemark, both teams followed the same tactic: Rush in their Base and get some lorddamage. They rushed with some of their Necros and they all got timekilled by our Lordroom NPCs.
At this time we stood in front of their base, waiting for our Prott+Runner to go into their Lordroom, so that we could hold it longer, since they had nothing to deal lorddamage anyways.
When we wanted to rush in their lordroom, we saw that they bodyblocked the backdoor-stairs. We didn´t have enough time to break their block, so Erzi, Robert, Happy ran around their base, to try to get into their base by the mainway. Even there they could block us.
Thanks to Erzis cheater-internet, he stucked through their Block, when conny, their Prott suddenly moved for a step so that even Robert+Happy came through. They had 15 secounds to damage their lord and only did some hits.
In the End it was enough to win!
Close and boring match...


2/0 Stats

3. Match vs What Are You Talking About [wtf], r 17
3x Melee-Mirror

We knew they run 3x Melee. Last time we could beat them on burning by splitting, but this time we wanted to mirror them. Erzi took Stab-Ward on his Ranger (which worked out quite well) and we just tried it.
We had a nice start, pressured them hard(er) and because of our Stabward we could hold it up more easy. We even killed their Prott after like 3 minutes.
Even Happy said, that there Assassin was probably splitting, nobody reacted and he could kill one knight. That was quite unnecessary ~.~"
We played the better 4 mins, even our knight died.
At min 5 Dani+Happy did an epic-splitt-fail. They were collapsing Breaker and Dani could snare+hex him. Happy failed to port on him to finish. Breaker ran crippled over like 50 meters, till their Runner caught him. Awesome Dani stood on the ice and got soloed by breaker when our splitt wanted to return to our base. ICE IS REALLY DANGEROUS on Frozen, never forget that Dani. Secound time you got soloed on frozen, just because you stood on the ice Ō.ō
In the main team their Prott woke up and gave godlike Auras on my targets, so we couldn´t pressure them anymore.
After 7:30 mins, we wiped at the stand and we resigned soon after.
I was whining in this match again, since we had the better start, the better build (they had a Monk-Runner and no weapons!! We had Stabword) andshould have won. But no, we loose because of Noob-Mistakes.
I was the "bad boy" for this match again, because i said that we were supposed to own them. WHO CARES IF THEY´RE "TOP 10?!?!?!"
After this match Erzi went emo again and Alex repreated his usuall stuff like "You´re just lucky that Boo likes you, every other guild would have benched you already...".


2/1 Stats

4. Match vs Team Special Obs [ToB]
3x Melee vs Balance

Kasterov had to go, so we got Melos from [buho] for the last round. We played 8 vs 8 on the life-shrine and they got the first kills. We weren´t really able to kill stuff, since Melos was kinda unable to draw any blind.
I´m tried of writing, so here the short version: Even we fucked up in 8 vs 8, we could wipe them (quite close) and we could dominate the match and lorded in the end. Boring Match, nothing special.


We could have won the At, or could have done at least a "good 3/1", but the match vs [wtf] was just embarassing.

Rating 1.384, rank 27, 57 QPs

Thanks to our guests:

It really seems like we need a ranger with balls of steel, since erzi is always emoing around. I asked the others later again, they said "okay it wasn´t that that annoying- but if you annoy Erzi+Alex, and everybody is getting emo, it just fails".
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PostSubject: Re: 07.01.11 C-AT   Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:08 pm

Yes it was really epic on my part, just a horrible game, but no need for rage during match as it doesn't matter.
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PostSubject: Re: 07.01.11 C-AT   Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:52 am

Just to clarify that: I DIDNT PLAN TO STAND ON THE ICE !!!!!!!
I just wanted to follow the sin abit more, cuz their flaggy didnt heal him much yet.
Then i returned and on my screen i was doing a nice circle, but suddenly got snared from the ice.

ANd one thing i didnt rly get : why did we wipe in main? We had our Flaggy in Main and they didnt have the Sin there.
2 Monks + Flaggy cant heal up 6ppl? o.o
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PostSubject: Re: 07.01.11 C-AT   Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:00 am

we didnt have groupheal and alex stood to close to the flagstand with the flag, we didnt really had weapons and no groupheal= wipe.
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PostSubject: Re: 07.01.11 C-AT   Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:26 am

Controll wrote:
we didnt have groupheal and alex stood to close to the flagstand with the flag, we didnt really had weapons and no groupheal= wipe.

I didn´t want to "blame" someone, but that´s it.

@ Dani, your Screen sucks!
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PostSubject: Re: 07.01.11 C-AT   

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07.01.11 C-AT
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